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Prevail Bank is a Wisconsin-based, full-service, community bank with nine locations.

We offer digital security and advanced online banking solutions for both businesses and individuals; creative lending options for small-to-mid-sized commercial businesses, real estate development, home improvement, and first-time home buyers; in addition to guidance.  Many people are intimated by all the numbers and terminology that’s involved with financially managing a business and/or a mortgage. We assist in crunching the numbers, offer business banking solutions (IE: ACH services, payroll …), in addition to the personal one-on-one time so the best financial solution or mortgage is identified.

Local lending decisions is Prevail Bank’s advantage. It allows for a better understanding of its customers, a devoted and confidential understanding of their businesses, situation and needs, and a close side-by-side working relationship that will last for years to come. As a trusted adviser, Prevail Bank is able to help customers achieve success faster – personally or commercially.

Prevail Bank’s ownership culture is also demonstrated by the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and volunteer time, it has invested into the communities it serves. As a community bank, Prevail is always looking for ways to give back and enhance the quality of life and success of its customers, communities and employees. Prevail Bank ….

  • Donates funds to local non-profits that assist low-to-moderate income individuals,
  • Contributes and invests in local economic development, and
  • Facilitates financial literacy workshops.

Consumer Products & Services:

  • One-on-one advising, video conferencing, chat, text, email, phone, and digital communication options
  • Multiple checking & savings accounts
  • Saving Makes Cents program
  • Retirement Savings Plans & IRAs
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Debit & Credit cards
  • ID TheftSmart services [Protection, Detection, Restoration]
  • Digital & mobile banking solutions that include:

    Ÿ   Bill Pay                                                    Ÿ   Banking Alerts        
Ÿ   eStatements                                              Ÿ   Mobile Deposit       
Ÿ   Prevail Bank APP                                     Ÿ   Cardmanager
Ÿ   ApplePay/GooglePay/SamsungPlay         Ÿ   Tutorial Online/Mobile Banking Videos

  • Loans for:

   Ÿ   Home Mortgages                                      
Ÿ   Home Refinance     
Ÿ   Auto, Truck, SUV            
Ÿ   Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)                     
Ÿ   ATV, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Boats   
Ÿ   Construction  

   Ÿ   Land

Business Products & Services:

  • One-on-one advising, video conferencing, chat, text, email, phone, and digital communication options
  • Multiple checking & savings accounts
  • CDs for large balance savings options
  • CDARs for $250,000+ deposits
  • Dual control accounts
  • Night deposit
  • Cash Sweeps
  • Debit & Credit cards
  • Business Resource Manager - digital & mobile banking solutions for businesses that include:

Ÿ   Electronic Payments                                
Ÿ   ACH Payroll/Payment Processing  

Ÿ   Wire Transfer Service                              
Ÿ   Funds Transfer between accounts at other institutions
Ÿ   Multiple user access/security rights         
Ÿ   Access to Business Bill Pay 
Ÿ   eStatements                                              
Ÿ   Remote Deposit
Ÿ   Positive Pay (fraud prevention system)     

  • Loans and Commercial Transactions for:

Ÿ   SBA & Business Start-Ups                       Ÿ   Equipment / Inventory Business Loans
Ÿ   Municipal Transactions                            Ÿ   Agri-Business
Ÿ   Real Estate & Development                      Ÿ   Government Guaranteed Transactions
Ÿ   Commercial Lines of Credit                      Ÿ   Refinancing Existing Debt

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